17 February 2009

so much for one a day....

so, a few random bad things have happened to me since the last post, but due to the whole global financial crisis, it looks like i'll be staying there indefinitely [despite protestations to the contrary on crackbook].

this week i have to take my passport to home affairs for a three-month renewal. i know i will get one month off the bat, because i will not go back to pick up my passport wrt their decision until day number 28 or 29 [you're supposed to return within 30 days for a decision].

i actually was supposed to have an interview this week, except they know about the whole wacky date thing. fine, they will probably postpone it until later, i suppose. it's no problem. i'm applying for a "special skills" visa; i'll be compiling everything for it while my visa application is being held.

later this year, i'll be starting the process to adopt my ex's son. he's mine in every way except legally; i might as well just make it happen. also, since south africans now need visas to go almost everywhere, i need to make sure the adoption will be final before his 18th birthday; i've been either the sole or a major caregiver of him since he was 12, so i'll have that in my corner.

south africa. hm. clearly i'm used to being in this place.