27 December 2012

so.... have you all missed me?

15 months with nary a peep... so much has happened, most of them good, some of them bad, all of them learning experiences.

to wit:

  • after nearly 16 months of waiting, i got my residence permit, so i'm legal until somewhere around the next presidential election in the united states. this means i can enter prize competitions, fly to places like vic falls and mauritius at the cheaper south african price when they have special deals, and i can keep my lottery winnings, should any ever occur.
  • obama got re-elected, without my help. i'm registered in pennsylvania, and had every intention of voting for him, but just couldn't. [for a list of reasons]. at least i can actually say "i didn't vote for obama either time" much like i can say "i have never bought a michael jackson album" [nope, never done that either].
  • kiddo and X have largely reconciled, but this boy has basically had to move out of my spot because there's only room for one alpha male in my house. [that would be me, if you're slow]
  • i've tried to put my foot back in the dating pool a few more times and.... got badly burned each and every time. but this last time, tho.... eish! i'm almost afraid of what karma has in store for that dude, it was that bad.
  • i've been approached to be, um, a paramour [ok, closer to concubine] for a heterosexually-married man. i actually had to remind this negro that i am way too old for such silliness. as part of the "are you out of your mind, man?" diatribe, i brought up the fact that this week in 1998, i walked out on someone who had me in a similar position.
  • a lot of unexpected things have been happening this week. i can't quite talk about them yet, but i have hinted about them on twitter.
  • my properties are almost fully let, which means that i won't need to punch a clock for the foreseeable future, provided that i stay in this country -- which, after the way the last two weeks of november and the first two weeks of december have gone, is not exactly a given anymore. 

to be continued....