06 September 2009


maybe i should apply for refugee status in south africa.

i mean, if this white south african guy can apply for, and get, refugee status in canada because he doesn't qualify for the point system there, then i should be able to get refugee status here. i mean, i've got a couple of university degrees, can get by in more than one of the nation's official languages, own property...

god, this guy is so much fail. i mean, really? a soutie who can't qualify for canadian residency and can only get it through refugee status? did this boy sleep in school and just not show up for his matric exams? [you can pretty much figure out my comments on the above nyt site.]

a commentator on the thought leader blogs has put it out there in the best way possible here. and this is the reason why the south african government is upset about it. "a white guy from cape town can't get a job because of affirmative action? oh, please."

there's a canadian commentator on thought leader who thinks the guy has a point -- except he's based in durban. i actually think he misses the point. if you are white and you can't make it in cape town -- a city where people get off the plane from london and munich on a daily basis and manage to have both jobs and work permits in less than a month -- then there is something wrong with you, not the system. [even though there are serious problems with "the system".]

personally, i think that maybe this guy *should* be dead weight somewhere else. it's pretty clear that his afrikaans is not up to scratch, which means that in the one community in cape town where it's okay to be a white loser, and provisions are still made for dead weight... he can't even get work. but since, oh, afrikaans was a mandatory language of instruction until he was in 11th grade [if he graduated on time, and this guy is stupid enough that he may not have] -- he's out of luck. again, whose fault is that?