23 June 2010

planning return

so people have emailed saying that i should leave a post on here, since it's been six weeks since i left a post.

so, it turned out to be uterine cancer, not bladder, and my mother died 3 days after i arrived here. the original plan of caring for my mother until she was better and then taking her back to south africa is no longer on the table.

i'll be returning to south africa much sooner than previously planned, which is going to require quite a bit of planning, et cetera, since i got socked with a fine when i left the country. the reason? i had technically been an overstayer -- my visa extension request had been denied and i had put in an appeal, but a year later there still hadn't been any decision made on it, so when i needed to leave, i was treated like an overstayer. R3000 fine, but i can get out of it, so...

probate is a bitch. on top of that, my birthday was this week, and as it was the first without my mother... it was a rough week.

more later, and for the next few months, i'll make some views as well as to why i live in africa and not, say, miami or elsewhere in latin america. being back in the usa is quite the eye opener.