23 December 2008

it's been a minute....

it's been a minute since i posted in here.

i've just been so busy with my business and dealing with stupid people that i just haven't had time to blog.

i think i'm going to do a post a day in 2009, but that doesn't start for 9 more days, so....

i'm in lesotho right now. it was torture getting here because i had to take the bus [long story -- it has to do with people not paying me in a timely manner]. 16 hours of blah-ness. but i made it in one piece, even though my cellphone didn't. fortunately it was a R200 vodacom cellphone.

i have to get a new sim card when i get back to cape town, but that shouldn't be too much hassle, so. bah. i think i will just email them now, and deal with it when i get back.

anyway... i've been in seven countries this year. it's been a while since i've been in that many countries in the same calendar year, and i don't think i will swing that in 2009 -- but i probably will in 2010, although i will not have stamps for all of them (i will be in schengenland), but i guess i will just have to mark them on my passport or something.

countries that have stamped my passport in 2008:

united states
united kingdom
south africa

yup, that 48-page passport a few years back was a very good idea.

ooh, lookie, i get to fill in that hole in south africa from the map on two posts back. [that's lesotho]. i suppose i should go to botswana in march, as i now have that country surrounded as well. that said, there's no cheap hotels there -- this one is cheap, by my wallet standards, but it's quite posh in reality. R400 a night -- my spot in namibia was also R400 a night but was nowhere near this nice. and it certainly didn't have unlimited internet access. [i cannot stress how happy i am about that part.]