23 December 2008

it's been a minute....

it's been a minute since i posted in here.

i've just been so busy with my business and dealing with stupid people that i just haven't had time to blog.

i think i'm going to do a post a day in 2009, but that doesn't start for 9 more days, so....

i'm in lesotho right now. it was torture getting here because i had to take the bus [long story -- it has to do with people not paying me in a timely manner]. 16 hours of blah-ness. but i made it in one piece, even though my cellphone didn't. fortunately it was a R200 vodacom cellphone.

i have to get a new sim card when i get back to cape town, but that shouldn't be too much hassle, so. bah. i think i will just email them now, and deal with it when i get back.

anyway... i've been in seven countries this year. it's been a while since i've been in that many countries in the same calendar year, and i don't think i will swing that in 2009 -- but i probably will in 2010, although i will not have stamps for all of them (i will be in schengenland), but i guess i will just have to mark them on my passport or something.

countries that have stamped my passport in 2008:

united states
united kingdom
south africa

yup, that 48-page passport a few years back was a very good idea.

ooh, lookie, i get to fill in that hole in south africa from the map on two posts back. [that's lesotho]. i suppose i should go to botswana in march, as i now have that country surrounded as well. that said, there's no cheap hotels there -- this one is cheap, by my wallet standards, but it's quite posh in reality. R400 a night -- my spot in namibia was also R400 a night but was nowhere near this nice. and it certainly didn't have unlimited internet access. [i cannot stress how happy i am about that part.]


Bruce said...

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I enjoy reading about other Expats living in other countries.

I found your site at Expat-Blog and enjoy your sense of humor and writing style as much as I enjoy your content.

I hope you will visit my blog, www.americanindavaon.com and will enjoy mine too.

Please comment on anything you feel the need.

Ali la Loca said...

The fact that you use the expression "in a minute" gives me an idea of where you might be from originally. I'm going to read more of your blog to see if this is a detail you actually divulge. :)

My 2008 travel stamps are, if I remember correctly:

USA (technically I don't get a stamp, but I was there)
South Africa

I even managed to run through the 48-pager in just over 2.5 years!