08 August 2009

catching up...

it's been a while since i've posted, and there are really not too many interesting things going on. 

the "africa inc." series on sabc3 has been a disappointing lovefest of the ruling party and their hangers-on -- but then again, almost anything on the sabc should be considered as such.

we have a new reserve bank governor-designate; we're going from a metrosexual moneybags to a dowdy spinster. hopefully she will at least start to dress the part of "reserve bank governor" soon, before she takes over in november. you can see a picture of the two of them together here.

said designate is a white woman. this is an important plot point. in a country where upwards of 70 percent of the population are black, come november, none of the three most important people dealing with the purse-strings will be. the anc youth league, who are normally full of fail, actually have a point in bringing this up. [nb: the president and the spokesman of the ancyl are just plain idiots. but as a broken analog clock is right twice a day, the president of the youth league has a valid point here.]

the immigration department are dragging me up, down, and all around, but i should be able to get through it. 10 more months i'll be home free, basically. if not, i might just be on my way to brazil a bit early. 

now i just need to work on a few things wrt work and i'll be cool. nothing else to do on a friday night where i'm not childless. lol. 

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