07 November 2009

going, going...

so, my house is sold. since it sold for far less than i wanted/needed it to sell, i get to live for free in my house until it is technically no longer mine. [this should mean sometime in january] i'll still have to pay my ridiculously high telephone bill and electricity bills, so. 

it looks like i'm going to india [i can fly via doha to amritsar for not that much money] for a bit. for the indian visa you need to provide a birth certificate. for some strange reason, i've been carrying around a copy of my birth certificate for, oh, the last 13 years. serious. [it's easier to get a new passport in a foreign embassy when you've got the birth certificate, i've been told. of course, i have my last two passport numbers memorised as well, so...]

i have a young relative in india who is travelling the world finding himself. i know i could meet him in amritsar and we could go to the taj mahal together. between his hindi and my punjabi, we should be okay. [what? you're black? how did you learn punjabi? um, it's a helpful language to know if you live in birmingham. think west midlands, not alabama.]

speaking of alabama, though, i talked to my dad the other day, and he wants to know when i'm going to start writing this book. forty is staring at me, he says. i don't know why he brought this up because my turning 40 will mean that very shortly he will be 65. i think he wants to read my book, i guess. 

after the trip to india, though, i think that i will be in the uk for a bit, and then i will have to do my sentence in my mother's hillbilly town. ugh. people i know who grew up there and live in dc and chicago and london still say that it's stuck in 1980s race relations. god, i so will not be able to handle this. i think i'm going to be catalog-ordering everything. 

i've decided that i will come back to south africa for my stepson's final year of high school. that's 2012. that's also the olympics, and i plan on being in london for that. [birthday present to myself.] i'll probably be in the uk from may to about mid-august. if he doesn't come up for the olympics, we can just go through his homework on skype to make sure that everything gets done. 

at some point i need some roots. yeah, okay. whatever. this vagrancy thing is really me. i like it. 


Anonymous said...

Only my second visit to your blog, following comments on ThoughtLeader, which I don't exactly frequent. But I've nejoyed the little bits I've read here. Sorry that you're leaving, but yeah, this place... eish.

Anonymous said...

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Shannon said...

You are my new favorite blogger. Where does your mom live? US Southern cities are ass for mass transit. I grew up in Houston, 4th largest city in the nation, and public transportation is less efficient than those damned minibus taxis in SA. Fail.