04 October 2008

"working class" white people.

one of the things that i actually like about working class white people worldwide is that because, for some reason or other, everything doesn't go the way that it's supposed to go for white people that you see on teevee [hell, even roseanne won the lottery eventually], they tend not to hold their tongues and often say what they really feel. [not unlike black folks. hm.]

on the web community of people from my first high school, there are people who continue to insist that they are not against obama because he's black, and there is almost no one against obama because of his race.

we'll pretend that the many, many miles of newsprint in both liberal and conservative newspapers that have completely debunked that idea do not already exist.

but video is far more powerful than any bit of newsprint or cleaned up television interview.

check this out:

sadly, she seems reasonably well informed and seems to know shit that most of the rest of us don't know. maybe the black helicopters landed in her town and told everybody stuff or something.


Fly Brother said...

she seems to be the only one with the ability to piece together a logical series of thoughts, no matter how flawed the logic.

facebooking this.

Nob said...

What's a "redneck lady"?

Nob said...

On second thoughts I doubt whether she is "working" of "class"

kwerekwere said...

nob.. think "rooinek" or "boer" as opposed to "afrikaner" or even "soutpiel".

poor white people.