06 October 2008

you cannot be serious

so, i made the mistake of watching parts of the vice-presidential debate on a day that i actually had work to do.

i followed that mistake up by going to the alumni website of my high school and looking on the political fora.

for people reading this, i went to high school in central pennsylvania. i currently live in south africa. there may be a causal link between the two.

before i watched the bits and pieces [ok, the first 20 minutes or so] of the vice-presidential debate, i watched the saturday night live mockery of it. and yes, gwen ifill should not have been the moderator for the very reasons that snl pointed out. [that said, she also references colin powell in her book, but really. come on?]

i really didn't think that palin had done the things that her doppelganger had implied on SNL. but then i watched some clips from david letterman, who, if you haven't heard, is on some serious bitch shit after mccain stood him for when he "suspended" his campaign. that was the first sign of "are you serious?"

and then i saw parts of the debate, the real actual live debate, and spent most of the rest of the day in the fetal position. someone tell me why this election is so close. oh, right, he's a sekrit muslim ayrab nigger. because, you know, that's what it is. anyone who tells you differently is LYING.

i can't understand the american public's desire to have a president "just like them" um, no. i want my president to be ten times smarter than *me* [this requires effort.] i want him to be able to get by in at least four of the six official languages of the united nations so he can sit down and have a chat with various leaders, man to man without even interpreters in the room. i want him to be able to find the most capable people and line them up for cabinet positions.

now, with the above paragraph, note that i didn't say "for what kind of policies". if you want good, or evil, that's irrelevant. just give me COMPETENT. or, put another way, with the bush presidency, you still had to respect cheney's gangsta. but palin? um, no. not going to happen.

i just had a nice long talk with my favorite aunt [and i've got 8 of them that are still living, so i can pick and choose] and she doesn't want to vote for obama either, for many of the same reasons that i don't. [the short version, this is 1976 all over again.] she's going to vote. she lives in delaware, too, which is allegedly solidly blue due to the whole joe biden thing.

it's funny -- while she told me to make sure that i voted, she also said that furriners have no place telling americans how to vote [yup, she said furriners, just like that]. "all of their people are living here, and you don't see us running and diving and swimming to live there." she says this with zero trace of irony, in a mixture of english and spanish. i was amused, but i got her point.

it's a shame that condi was NSA during the first bush term. she would have been by far the better veep candidate for mccain -- or she would have run her own self. i'd have voted for condi. srsly. she'd have to explain why she didn't finish the course of invisalign, though.

i'm just tired -- and something else that is tiring me is the mouthbreathing contingent on the alumni website for my high school. ok ok ok, maybe mouthbreathers is too strong.

just dealing with them is reminding me of the unwillingness -- not inability, although i'm sure there's a lot of that there, too, but sheer unwillingness -- to critically think about this election. now, as some of you know, i've picked apart both obama and mccain on a few websites, but since the freepers from my highschool only choose to pick on obama, that leaves me with just mccain to pick on.

and, of course, i become accused of being biased and want to vote for him because i'm black. um, no. sorry, it's *because* i'm black i don't want to vote for obama. and because you're not black, you don't understand why. [my aunt, in less than a minute "i don't want to vote for obama because they're going to blame this man for everything and we'll never get a black president that can do things." my aunt doesn't really read in english and has thus not seen any blog posts i have written, yet has basically said something i have felt for a while now. hm.]

it's 4am. i need to sleep. i just can't beleive this shit. ugh.

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Fly Girl said...

This is scary and funny at the same time. I was in the Dom last April although frankly, I had been avoiding the country in protest of the way Haitians are treated. My family and I got nothing but a warm Dominican welcome because we were in a resort in La Romana filled with Europeans. My husband however, has super spidey sense and he caught the one deadly anti-moreno look from one of the waiters. We both know what goes on in towns outside of the resorts and it hung over our experience like a layer of mold. Your experience does not shock me. And your hair looks rather fly to me.