10 September 2008

as usual, a white woman might mean that black man misses out. for once, this isn't of his own doing.

so, the palin poll bounce. wtf, over?

john mccain has been taken out of the presidency equation. i don't think that was his intent, but that's going to be the reality.

it really goes to show that when it comes out to "inexperience" a white woman really does usually get a bigger benefit of the doubt than a black man. ok, this election isn't for 60 or so more days, but for a bounce to be *this big* means entirely what i've just said.

so let's say that the election goes the way of the current poll numbers. what will it mean? mccain wins, and then dies in office, and we have president palin. this will all but ensure that hillary clinton will walk away from her senate seat and run for the presidency. depending on who is governor, they may make a special dispensation for her to get her seat back should she lose. now, the period from 2008 to 2012 is one where things will get much, much worse before they get better. the democrats would mitigate palin economic [huh?] and foreign [lulz] policy somewhat, but palin would still get to stack the supreme court. lovely.

2012 leads to a clinton/obama ticket [like she would pick anyone else], versus palin/watts. ha ha ha. [just kidding]. who wins? hillary, who will be able to undo all of the damage except the supreme court. shame. hilary serves a term or two, and we have president obama. finally.

the dollar will make a bit of a comeback [which means i could stay here, but the rand is in huge trouble in 2009, so i'll be fine anyway], but the rest of the fallout from the subprime crises, including the take over of freddie mac and fannie mae, as well as a few caucasian conflicts, will have the united states in some hot mess. i also see nawlins getting a direct hit in the next term, and we'll see how THAT is handled.

but palin v clinton will be a true sign that the united states will have slid into the theocratic mayhem of bangladesh, which have two women running for president, neither of whom got there because of their political skill, but both of them having arrived there due to either a husband or an old man. amazing.

i wonder what mccain/palin supreme court interference is going to look like.

any ideas? (and "we'll never know because obama is going to win" is not a valid response.)

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