08 September 2008

fallout over zapiro cartoon

it seems that there are a lot of bloggers that are upset about that aforementioned political cartoon.

now, while it breaches the bounds of good taste, metaphorically it is not incorrect. but, like noticing that someone has farted at an upscale dinner party, people are getting bent out of shape about it.

i do wonder sometimes about some of these people who are taking exception to the cartoon -- are they saying similar things when they're at home? just as there is a direct relationship between education and/or income with computer/internet access from home in this country, there is a parabolic relationship between education and support for the ANC. it's parabolic because most of the poor, for lack of a better phrase [and this sounds *really* tasteless, but...], they don't know any better. this is because the government has such a hold on the media, although it pretends not to, that it's the anc's message that gets to the poor and not anyone else's. plus, there the fact that the anc is the party of liberation for apartheid.

[of course the anc didn't do THAT by themselves either, but it's really doubtful that this part of the message has trickled down that far either. most people who have never left south africa don't even know the extent that the sanctions and boycotts of south african goods had on the end of apartheid, even the rich ones. so to think that the poor would be privy to such information, given the very real digital divide here, is a bit of a stretch. ]

it's a parabolic relationship because the high end of society has to at least pay lip service to the anc [even if they live in very reliably non-anc parliament constituencies] if they want to keep sucking from the government teat in the form of preferred contracts and the like.

as more people become educated, support for the anc will erode. this, by the way, is the real cause of the economic meltdown in zimbabwe, not the "seizure of white farms" [which is by far the better media-friendly story].

i wonder if that will happen here -- the cynic in me says that this is a major reason that service delivery, especially in education, is such crap in the eastern cape: should the people become educated, they could see how badly the anc and its crony hangers-on are ripping off the place.

oh well. on verra

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po said...

Hi mudundu, I have read some of your comments on Thoughtleader, and decided to check out your blog. I agree with your theories about education, and I hope that this is what happens. I hope that education is prioritised by Zuma, whatever else he does, but if he does so does that not mean he may be shooting himself in the foot?