30 September 2008

a few things...

i haven't posted in here for a couple of weeks, because i've been pretty busy with life.

and also, sarah palin is so full of fail that i cannot believe that saturday night live isn't even bothering to *invent* things for tina fey to say; they are just using her own words.

i really despise katie couric, but i was actually feeling sorry for her -- because the look of "i can't believe this heifer might be our next vice president" that was all over her face was just priceless.


also, i went to namibia. i had a great time, even though i got robbed. [i'm a big dude. in order to rob me, you need to be either a) more than one person, b) armed, or c) both. there were three of them, and i got dragged for 50 meters by a car, ending up with some serious road rash, so i'm calling that (c). ... but it's cool. i'm okay.]

while i was in namibia, they kicked out mbeki and brought in motlanthe. the nice thing about this is that he will stop wearing street clothes when they interview him on television. south african politicians are about the worst television political guests in the world, showing up on teevee wearing the first thing in their closet [ie almost never a suit] and not even bothering to comb their hair half the time.

sadly, this is a reflection of the south african people at large. ugh.

i have a lot of work to do, but i promise to update on thursday when i have a free moment.

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