06 September 2008


it seems that they are hiding palin from the press.

how the hell do you get named vice presidential nominee and then not "be available" to do the sunday talk shows? sorry lady, you have to come out and play. if you think the media are so big and bad, then maybe you need to go back to alaska and stay there.

meanwhile, king mswati iii of swaziland had his 40-40 celebrations today. his 40th birthday and 40 years of independence. look up swaziland almost anywhere and tell me what exactly is he supposed to be celebrating again?

mugabe showed up at the festivities. greeted like a rockstar, so you know this couldn't be good.

that said, ian khama was there, too.

the latest news from the whole zuma charade is that they want the anc, the npa and the government to come to a political solution to this, so zuma still gets to be president.

this, of course, will mean i should still get to be able to live here due to the pressure the overall lack of confidence in the government will put on the rand, but ewww.

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