08 September 2008


so, on the 19th, i'm going to namibia for five days.

little border jumping thing. i was going to go to zimbabwe and stay for 8 days, but once i got to zim i would have had to have dealt with the whole buying things at black market prices while at the same time dealing with using ATMs at the official exchange rate... which is a non-starter.

so, nambia, where the namibian dollar and the south african rand are one and the same [in fact, the rand is legal tender in namibia]. no problems. no having to stuff a week's worth of supplies in my suitcase and hoping my bag is under weight. this, actually, is quite nice. i should, in fact, be able to get away with just my carry on bag and a garment bag.

maybe i'll pop down to the coast to see walvis bay, but i'll be more than content just to putz around windhoek. when my money is right, i will do more local tourism. but my countries visited map will get a nice big red hit.

besides, maybe i could scope out some places to live for people fleeing extradition -- there's no extradition from namibia to the united states [which is one of the reasons that wesley snipes did his last movie there].

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Anonymous said...

Ooops, sorry to bursst your bubble but there is indeed an extradition agreement between namibia and the US. It is just that rich Americans can afford to make use of due process and challenge every little legal aspect in our Courts.
hope you enjoy Nam... I am from here and it tends to get tedious.
Oh yeah and great blog btw